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Cameroon, New South Wales, Melbourne, Steinfurt, Berlin, The Nederlands, Rome, Dublin, Cork, Glasgow, Ayrshire, Buckinghamshire….our online visitors really do span the globe, website visits were up over 30% this Gala Week.
Welcome to our site, wherever you may be from, we hope you enjoy it’s content and maybe we’ll see you here in Portaferry someday !

Thanks Portaferry !

As Bugs Bunny would say…That’s all Folks” – thanks so much for all your support over the past week – weather not being the best – it was fantastic to see so many families out enjoying themselves at events throughout Gala 2009.
Now…to address a question which has been about a lot this week “Is this the last Portaferry Gala ?”.
A number of Committee members are hanging up their Gala T-Shirts this year, including our Chairman, Mary Mageean. It is a fact that the Gala WILL need new volunteers if it is to survive.
There will be a meeting on the first Wednesday of September, details will be posted here, nearer the time.
Why not come along and join the Committee ?
It’s YOUR Gala for YOUR town.
The short answer as to whether Gala survives or not is :
“It’s up to YOU”.

Fancy Dress

Ok, so I HAD to tempt fate by saying last night was the wettest in years…
Thanks so much to everyone who stayed around when the rain came down on the Fancy Dress in the Square, the sun was splitting the skies during the parade, but…wow….did it bucket when we got to the square, results are on line now, for pictures, click here.

Die Mauer ist offen…and so are the Heavens !


Wow ! It’s been a good few years since the Gala Square had a downfall like the one we saw tonight (well, OK, 2005, when the Ferry FM mast was hit by lightening comes close..) Following a Kick Boxing Display and with black clouds over the Square and the rain pouring down, the German Visitors bravely put on their play, re-enacting the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th Nov 1989.  Even with the awful weather the crowd happily played their part and the square was divided in two – re-unifiction took place just in time for the start of Pitchin’ The Sheaf, which this year saw a few changes in the results.
These are now online in the results section and pics from the evening are online here.