Have You any old Gala Pictures?

The Gala website has now been running for 12 years, and we’ve quite a collection of pictures from over those 12 years on-line to view. We’ve also been sent various snaps from various years, which we’ve added to the archive. We’re now asking people if they have family pictures they’d like to share – did you take part in the Tug of War or Donkey Derby? Were you a House Wife of the Year? Please do get in touch or feel free to submit the pictures to pics@portaferrytown.com – we have thousands of visitors visiting this site – so who knows what gems might turn up 🙂

gala 42


We’re back :)

Well, January being a “quiet” month, we thought it would be the pefect time to move the Gala Site to its new home – we honestly didn’t realise there were so many Gala Fans out there, even in the depths of winter. Fear not, we’re now back on-line and all the pictures and results are available once again. If you do spot any broken links, or missing pictures, please do let us know and well get them fixed ASAP.