Gala 2008 Results

Results will appear here as we get them.

Gala Battle of the Bands

Well done Exit 23, click here for pictures from the square.

Gala Clue 2008

On the Square, it’s there to see,
A Dwelling you will tell to me,
Beyond the bronze and iron you must go
People in greenhouses should not throw.

The answer was:

Stone House, no 15 The Square, (key word in clue being dwelling.)
The winner was Melissa Cleary

Gala Draws

Gala Ballot winners : Joe Dorrian, Fiona Lynch, Leigh Moreland, Gavin Watson, Margaret Ryan, Fiona Breen, Johnny Dorrian, Suzanne Anderson, Catherine Denvir. John, Charolotta Nygard, Gerald Gilmore.

Momentum Fitness Draw :

1st Megan Clarke
2nd Brian Fitzmaurice
3rd Michael Mageean

Winning Float

The Slip Inn, with the Slip Inn Hillbillys.

Fancy Dress


1st Ko-gala Brothers
2nd I’d Do Anything
3rd Hell’s Angel
4th Brat Camp

Baby Hulk


1st Miss Can-ada
2nd Band Aid
3rd Red Devil
4th Save the Seal
Float parade

1st Space Baby
2nd Pink Ladies
3rd Yankee Doodle
4th Fairy FM
Granny’s Little Monster


1st Worst Stages of Life
2nd Amy Winehouse
3rd Shopping On LIne
4th Bin Ladin
Pirate Video

Pitching The Sheaf

Ladies :

Joint 1st : Niki Swain and Deborah Swain
3rd : Danielle Savage
4th : Adele Savage

Junior Men :

1st Stephen Blair
2nd Patrick Lennon
3rd Thomas McManus

Senior Men :

1st John Murray

Joint 2nd : Cathal Shanley and Barry Savage

Soap Box Results

Fastest Time :

Joint 1st : Emilie and John Dorrian

2nd : Stephen Young

3rd : Thomas Edgar

Greatest Speed

Joint First : Patricia Brocklehurst and the Dynes Family (Luke)

2nd : Jack Davis

3rd : Adam Coulter

Lucky Number : Draw Number 32 : Sarah Murray

Portaferry Road Race

Click here for this year’s placings.

Football Winners

Downpatrick Under 14 won 2-1

Ballyvange won 2-1

Bonny Babies 6-18 Months

Karl Martin

Rebekah Murdoch

Runner Ups

Freya Gilmore

Kyle Mageean

Bonny Baby 18mths – 3 Years

Alexander Myres

Aine Coffey

Runners Up
Shea Etherson
Zoe McLarnon

Cute Kiddies

Carlton King
Grace Arthurs
Runner Ups
Jack Cooper
Angela McAulfield

Flower Show : Prize Winners

1st Terry Crowe

2nd Mrs Brownlow

3rd Tracey McVeigh

4th Ruth Cunningham

Competition Winner : Caitlin Magee

Mini Soccer Final

Ballywalter 1 Portaferry 0

Paper Boat Race

Boat, Speed Three, won this years event click here for pictures.

Car Treasure Hunt Answers

1: 2 heads

2: 9/11 on Telepgraph Pole

3: Christmas Roses (at entrance pillers)

4: Shamrocks

5: Gates (Welded together)

6: Turn Style

7: Tara

8: Sprite (hole in hedge notice on caravan)

9: xx – 20

10: Bay

11: Mac (on digger)

12: Hose (old word for sock)

13: No Door Knocker

14: Ropes

15: Oxford (Lucy Oxford on the electricty box)

16: Plastic Cover on the Clock

Bring Backs

1: Sprite 2: Tumbler 3:1p 4: Pencil

Winners (Time Factor Applied)

1st Place: Damian Gilmore

2nd Place: Stephen Devlin

3rd Place: Seamus Dorrian

Walking Treasure Hunt

1: Master

2: Balls

3: Windmill

4: Electronic Button Door Entry

5: McNamara’s

6: Ferry Grill

7: National

8: Steel

9: Brown/Blue Panes

10: Slip

11: Pink

12: Castle

13: Bell

Bring Backs :
1 Flyte, 2 Cornet, 3: Pen

Joint First : Patrice Toner, Ann Gilmore and Finola Mason
2nd : Christopher and Claire Matthews
3rd : Tressa Doran
(Time Factor was applied)

The Little Flower 2008

1st Place : Nicole MaGee

2nd Place : Brooke McClean

3rd Place : Chole Coffey

Paper Boat Race Results

1st Gareth Love and Stanley Arthurs
2nd Raymond Braniff and Juston Byers from the SLip Inn
3rd Christopher Mills and Christopher Rodgers from The Lep

Attractive Gardens

Most Attractive Area :

The Waterfront

Small Garden :

Margaret Doherty

Tubs :

J Trainor

Childrens :

Gerald Mc Mullan

Large Garden :

Michael Brennan

Medium Garden :

Eileen Courtney

Most Attractive Basket :

Tim Wyatt

Window Boxes :

Margaret Mc Greevy

Gala-lympics Results

Running Race
1st Tom McGrattan
2nd Jay McMullan
3rd Anna Finnegan
1st heat Grand National
1st Anna Finnegan
2nd Kirsty Crowe
2nd Heat Grand National
1st Daniel McVeigh
2nd winner did not identify themselves
3rd Grace McAulfield
Primary 1s to Primary 3s
Running Race
1st Saoirse Sands
2nd Louisa Buckle
3rd Erin Roddy
2nd runnng race:
1st Joshua Cooper
2nd Blanaid Savage
3rd Ben Adair
Balloon Dash 1st heat
1st Oistin Devlin
2nd Saoirse Sands
3rd Gerra McGrattan and Erin Roddy
Balloon Dash 2nd heat
1st Paul Donnelly
2nd Jon Fisher
3rd Alanna Hagan
Grand National Heat 1:
1st Saoirse Sands
2nd Colleen McConville
3rd Ronan Smyth
Grand National 2nd Heat
1st Sean Dynes
2nd Alannah Hagan
3rd Curtis Smyth
Grand National 3rd heat:
1st John Dorrian
2nd Joshua Cooper
3rd Paul Donnelly
Primary 4 to Primary 7
Running Race 1st heat:
1st Conor Dyson
2nd David Convery
3rd Mark Hannah
Running Race 2nd heat:
1st Daithi Sands
2nd Robert Campbell
3rd Bronagh Sweeney
Wheelbarrow Race 1st heat
1st Christopher Smyth and Callum Hagan
2nd Conor Dyson and David Convery
3rd Holly and Jana Phelan
Wheelbarrow Race 2nd heat:
1st Deirbhile Savage and Aine O’Hanlon
2nd Bronagh Sweeney and Leanne Stewart
3rd Daniel Kelly and Daithi Sands
Dress and Dash 1st heat
1st Marc Fisher
2nd David Convery
3rd Frances Toner
Dress and dash 2nd heat:
1st Conor Dyson
2nd Erin McGrattan
3rd Mark Hannah, Tom Murray and Maeve Sands
Dress and Dash 3rd heat:
1st Callum Hagan
2nd Erin Hagan
3rd Nuala Mageean
Dress and Dash 4th Heat
1st Grainne Clarke
2nd Tierna Laverty
3rd Sarah Murray
Dress and Dash 5th Heat:
1st Aine O’Hanlon
2nd Deirbhile Savage
3rd Bronagh Sweeney
Piggy Back Race
1st Sarah and Pearse Sweeney
2nd Johnny and Jackie Thompson
3rd Oonagh Collins and Claire Donaldson
1st Johnny Thompson
2nd Darren Kelly