Gala 2013 Results

Mini-Soccer Competition
The “Real Madrid” team who won the mini-soccer competition primary 6-7 age group,  defeating “Juventus” by 3-2 in the final.
 From left to right Katie Greenslade, Kieron Savage, CIllian Edge, Oran Braniff and Eoghan Doran
 The Primary 3-5 competition was won by “Paris Saint Germain” who beat AC Milan 3-2 in the final.

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Town Challenge 2013 Winners
Well done to the Portaferry Hurlers !

Kenny Ennis Memorial Cup Final
Downpatrick beat Kirkistown 3-1.

Mission Impossible – Mystery Scavenger Hunt
Winners Michael Moreland and Michael McGovern

Fishing Competition Results
Biggest Fish – Frankie Rogers – 3.13lbs
Most fish Caught – Gerry O’Neill – 60lbs

Paper Boat Races
2nd: John & Debbit Scott – “Black Pig”
Most Innovative: Sean Ritchie and Ryan Young “Made In China”

10 Mile Race Placings
Please click here for details.

Car Treasure Hunt
1st Paul Smyth
2nd Noel Sands
3rd Joe Birt

1) Ian Paisley
2) Satellite
3) Waterfront
4)  Mourne view
5) 171m
6) Windmill and Belfast Sinks
7. Mush on Kerb
8) Padlock on Gate
9) Jasper Carrott – Golden Balls
10) 1D on Telephone Pole
11) In The Window
12) War Horse
13) Ointment
15) Half an Hour
16) York – Padlock on Gate

Conundrums – Names of Singer/Band/Song
1) Yellow Submarine
2) Chasing Cars
3) Neil Diamond
4) Red Red Wine
5) Loose Heel (Lucille)
6) Rock Around The Clock
7) Rolling Stones
8) Billie Ocean
9) Wonder Wall
10) I Feel Good

Most Attractive Results

Best in Show
Margaret Doherty

Best Small Garden
Terry Crowe

Best Medium Garden
Patsy Mullan

Best Large Garden
John Stewart

Best Planters / Window Boxes
Sean Lennon

Best Basket
Tim Wyatt

Best Commercial Area
Credit Union

 6 Judges Special Awards:

i. Corner at St. Columbas Street
ii. Nora Milligan
iii. Ann Denvir
iv. Eamon Adair
v. Nora McConnell
vi. Margaret McGreevy

Little Flower of the County Down
Winner: Grace McCarthy
Runner Up: Kieva McGrattan
2nd Runner Up : Nina Lee
Judges Special: Keira Young

Cupcake Challenge Winners
Individual Cupcake:  Ronan Shields
Group cupcake Joanna Scott
Mission Impossible Winners Team: Havanagoodtimes

Walking Treasure Hunt 2013
1st Keava McEvoy (49 mins)
2nd Geralyn Ritchie (51 mins)
3rd Rose Magee & Katie O’Connor (59 mins)

All 3 Winners scored 30 points
Results came down to how quick they completed the walk

1) Doggy In The Window
2) Santa
3) Boyd Rice
4) Mariner
5) Trailer
6) Trampoline
7) Flag Holder
8) No Ball AM
9) Woodpecker
10) Anchor Door Knocker
11) Daz
12) Yacht on CU Window
13) Wind Vain

Letter Quadrupled: A4
A Green Knife: Blade of Grass
Damp Town in Cork: Marshmallow


Cutest Puppy (up to 6 months)
1st: Dolly
2nd: Ruby
3rd: Floys
Highly Commended: Harley McDee

Adult Dog (6 months – 6 years)
1st: Jiggy
2nd: Porridge
3rd: Marta
Highly Commended – Peanut

Senior Dog (6 onwards)
1st: Jill
2nd: Honey
3rd: Jeff
Highly Commended: Sparky

Rescue Dog
1st: Honey
2nd: Marley
3rd: Rolo
Highly Commended: Peanut

Waggiest Tail
1st: Misty
2nd: Oscar
3rd: Poppy
Highly Commended: Charlie

Junior Handler
1st: Dolly
2nd: Jiggy
3rd: Lexi
Highly Commended: Rocky

Best In Show
1st: Dolly
Reserve: Jiggy

Bonny Babies & Cute Kiddies

6-18 months
1st: Shay Coffey
2nd: Alfie Hay

1st: Kathleen Rose
2nd: Molly May

19 months – 3 Years
1st: Austin Mazs
2nd:Zac Mageean

1st: Molly Gilmore
2nd: Eva Smith

Cute Kiddies 4-6 Years
1st: Enda Coffey
2nd: Tiernan Coulter

1st: Sophia Costello
2nd: Freya Gilmore

Crazy Hairdo Competition
1st Eimear McCarthy with hair dryer
2nd Rachel Savage rose garden
3rd Enda Coffey with bugs garden
Poker Tournament Results
26 Entrants
Final table (all who received prizes)
1st – Sal Wilson
2nd – John O’Neill
3rd – Cara Long
4th – Stephen Ennis
5th – Kevin Edgar
6th – Stephen McCollough
7th – Colm Dorran
8th – Pete Mallon
Soap Box Races
1st “Kubby D” – Ethan Bell & Bunter
2nd “The Pallet” – David Conlan, Tony Conlan, David Dougherty & Nial McGratten
3rd “Goes like the Wind” – John & Seamus Dorian
Pitching The Sheaf
1st Robert Stewart
2nd Ben Orr
3rd Darren O’Hanlon
1st John Murray
2nd Sean McManus
3rd Barry Savage
1st Deborah Swain
2nd Dani Boyd
3rd Nicky Swain
Mission Impossible
Winner “Havanagoodtimes”: Louisa, Buckle, Coleen McConnell, Devla Coleman and Hannah Toner.
Fancy Dress Results
Most Prettiest
1st: Wizard of Oz – Hinds Family
2nd: Joe & Marilyn – Eva Marie Curran & Conor Sims
3rd: Queen of Hearts – Sofia Costello
Cutest: Peter Pan & Tinkerbell – McMaster Family
Most Funniest
1st: Pair of Knickers – Roisin Murray & Eimear McCarthy
2nd: Where’s My Horse – Clodagh Smyth
3rd: Only Fools Eat Horses – Cahlie Boyd
Cutest: Babe Magnet – ?
Most Original
1st: Elves & Schumacher – Murray Family
2nd: Call The Midwife – Lena Mason
3rd: Neigh Horsemeat – ??
Cutest: Little Miss Sunshine – Blanaid McAree

2013 Gala Clue

The answer to the Gala Clue was SPAR.

If you can help fill in the blanks with names of winners please email