Gala 2018 Results

Results from the 2018 Portaferry Gala Festival will appear here during Gala Week.

If you have results or pictures from any events please email them to


Congratulations to Caragh Craft, Age 14, St. Columba’s College, Portaferry whose artwork was chosen as the cover of the Gala Programme.

Gala Youth Snapchat “Find Galafest Pig” Competition
Saturday: Ben Smyth and Reilly Sands
Sunday: Lucia Trainor
Monday: Annie Shields
Tuesday: Sarah Finnegan
Wednesday: Katie O’Neill
Thursday: Chloe and Ethan Finlay
Friday: Grace Finnegan

Fishing Competition
Biggest Fish: Eneas Lennon
Biggest Catch: Terry Murphy

5K & 10K Walk / Run

5km results 

1st – Johnny Millar
2nd – Declan Magee
3rd –
1st – Nicola Quigley
2nd – Debbie Murray
3rd – L McClurg
1st – Amber spence
2nd – Jay Fitzsimmons
3rd – Seana Fitzsimmons & Hollie Sands
10k results
1st – Mervyn Chambers
2nd – Thomas Fitzmaurice
3rd – Sam McMahon
1st – Paula Hamilton
2nd – Sherie Smyth
3rd – Ellie Millar

Paper Boat Results

1st – For The Craic
2nd – Centra Sub
3rd – Escampador

Most Attractive – St Brendan Jnr

Thanks to all that took part and the event sponsor – Watsons Centra!

Answers to Treasure Hunt were:
1. Happy Days
2. A text/SMS (Shipwrecked Mariners Society)
3. PS (Peninsula Sports)
4. Pip on alarm
5. Knocker is broken
6. The bolts (14×100)
7. Herding and patrolling
8. Gate with no bar
9. Tara
10. Joiner’s stool
11. Shelf brackets holding up gutter
12. Reflector on post
13. Yellow and black bike lock
14. Yale
15. 79 years
16. Kalos
17. Jug with a “leak” in it

1. Annihilate a bird’s call – Kilcoo
2. Dance for cash – Ballymoney
3. Resting place – Toome
4. A porcine incline – Ahoghill
5. Insect on the edge – Antrim
6. Not your mother – Armagh
7. Chef’s urbanisation – Cookstown
8. Threadbare soft furnishing – Cushendun
9. A food group’s biblical garden – Edenderry
10. Sounds like a dancer – Bellarena
11. Condiment Connection – Mayobridge
12. Noah’s ship has sunk – Arklow
13. Cut around the edges – Trim
14.The candle’s burned out – Wicklow
15. Sore – Boyle
16.Rap – Knock
17. Old fashioned weapons – Swords
18. Flog your family – Kinsale
19. Scald your extremity – Burnfoot

Winners were:
1st Declan Watson
2nd Tanya Fisher
3rd Paul Coulter

Most Attractive Garden Competition

Best Garden
Small: Terry Crowe
Medium: Trevor Coffey
Large: Mary Mullan
Newcomer: Norman McKimm

Window Boxes:
Hanging Baskets: George Magee
Container: Gerald Savage
Judges Choice: Isabel McMaster
Highley Commended:
Anne Denvir
Martin Coulter
Ellen Allen

Judges Comments: “Well done to all entrants in a very difficult season.”

Bonny Babies & Cute Kiddies

6-18 months
1st: Meah
2nd: Pixie
3rd: Rebecca

1st: Leo
2nd: Ollie
3rd: George

19 months – 3 Years
1st: Edie (No.20)
2nd: Bella Grace (No.49)
3rd: Rosa

1st: Ronan (No.60)
2nd: Jude (No.39)
3rd: Isaac (No.12)

4 – 6 Years
1st: Eilidh (No.14)
2nd: Sophie (No.34)
3rd: Aria (No.39)

1st: Owen (No.18)
2nd: Shay (No.37)
3rd: Harrison (No.48)

Little Flower Of The County Down
1st: Erin Mullan
2nd: Eva Smyth
3rd: Emily O’Hanlon

Walking Treasure Hunt 2018
1st: The 3 C’s
2nd: Coulters & Conlons
3rd: Thick & Wick

1) Arch
2) Fleur De Lys
3) Hazel House
4) Red Arrow
5) PS
6) Riddell
7) 4.15
8) Past
9) C + N
10) Kingfisher
11) Hurler On Door
12) Cuan and Windmill
13) OK
14) Spar
15) Mermaid

Bring Backs
A Young Male Attendant – Page
A Letter carrier that gets warm and cold – Teabag
A Singing? food cover – Wrapper
A sparrow’s food list – Capt Jack’s Menu
2 see through drinking vessels – Pair of Glasses

Pram Race
1st: The Mowhawks from Darragh Cross
2nd: The Flip Flops
Most Innovative: Hunky Dorys

Crazy Hair Do
1st: Leona Braniff (Queen Of Sport)
2nd: Bella Byres (Little House On The Prairie)

3rd: Anne Higgins (Under The Sea)

Portaferry 10 mile Results
1. Neil Weir
2. Stephen Wylie
3. Darrel Cooper
Details of other results can be found here




Puppy (3 to 6 months) 20 Entries
1. Nova – owned by Jamie Doherty
2. Molly – owned by Peter Curran
3. Rolo – owned by Eamon Birt
Commended: Luna

Adult Dog (6 months to 6 Years) 53 Entries
1. Reba – owned by Roberta Lennon
2. Jessie – owned by Ryan
3. Dash – owned by Leo Braniff
Commended: Jiggy – owned by Sean Braniff

Senior Dog (6 years onwards) 19 Entries
1. Pepsi – owned by Jenny Blaney
2. Jess – owned by Aine Coffey
3. Lucy – owned by Tracey Dempsey
Commended: Toffee – owned by Lara

Rescue Dog (25 Entries)
1. Treasure – owned by Cara
2. Rex – owned by Freddie Convey
3. Ruby – owned by Donna
Commended: Penny owned by Molly

Waggiest Tail
1. Molly – owned by Donna
2. Lucy – owned by Cody
3. Benji – owned by Donna
Commended: Willow – owned by Dominic

Dog Looks Most Like its Owner
1. Santo – owned by Bernard Roddy
2. Rosie – owned by Jessica
3. Lexi – owned by Sean Paul Grant
Commended: Junno owned by Jane

Best In Show
1. Nova – owned by Jamie Doherty
Reserve: Reba – owned by Roberta

Gala’s Talent
1st: Ferry Dancers / Bronagh Graham
2nd: Caitlin Fay
3rd: Beibhinn Watson


Pitching The Sheaf

1st: Danni Boyd
2nd: Nicky Swain
3rd: Deborah Collins

Junior Men
1st: Keith Vaugh
2nd:  Luke Dynes

1st: Michael O’Brien
2nd: Odhran Denvir
3rd: Barry Savage


Children’s Fancy Dress

Most Amusing
1st: No.49 – Galway Hookers
2nd: No.34 – The Battle Continues
3rd: No.28 – Trump / Kim Jung Un
4th: No.44 – 2 Blind Mice / Should’ve Gone To Specsavers

Most Original
1st: No.65 – Plaster of Paris
2nd: No.61 – Google Maps
3rd: No.55 – The Greatest Showman
4th: No.53 – Save Our Soap Box

Most Prettiest
1st: No.20 – The Prince, The Princess & The Pea
2nd: No.21 – LOL – Teachers Pet and Miss Fancy
3rd: No.5 – Port-A-Fairy
4th: No.8 – Practically Perfect In Every Way


Gala Clue
Where you think a quencher can be found
See something there, very near to the ground
A short company named
A strange business to know
Might they find embellished props to be part of the show?

Answer: Castings

Congratulations to the winner of the Gala Clue: Master J. Foster


Portaferry Gala Float Winners 2018

Winning Float : The Coach Inn
2nd : Dumigans
3rd : Portaferry Hotel
Non Pub Float: Bring Back The Galway Hookers