Gala 2010 Results

2010 Gala Float Winners

Dumigans with Toy Story, for pictures click here

Gala Clue 2010

This year “the clue” attracted a record number of on-line entries, thanks to you all !
The answer was……The Harbour Star Band.
Well Done to Ernie Swain whose name was drawn out of the Gala Po.

Paper Boat Race


1st Place Jeff Edgar and Shane McCarthy “The Croc “

2nd Place James and John O’Neill “Avatar”

Most Innovative:  “Toy Story”, The Lep Christopher Rogers and Ryan Mills

Car Treasure Hunt

1 :  Cloggs
2 : Heritage on Lough
3 : Moss on Alarm
4 : Horse Shoe Above Door
5 : La Pieta in Window
6 : TD
7: Bermuda (on mobile home)
8: Strong Hold another name for Castle
9 : ET on wire tensioner
10 : Cougar on Manhole Cover (Both parts needed)
11 : Extra Lion in the Garden (England known as Three Lions)
12 : Maize
13 : Peter Savage
14 : Gate Catch still in same position
15 : Duff House (Duff= useless, broken worthless)

Tie Breakers : Forget Me Not
A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush
Thunder Cloud
Jumble Sale
Three Blind MIce
One Foot in the Grave
Un am big u ous

Joint Winners :

Clare Gilmore and Chris, her Brother in Law.
Hugh J Smyth and Paul Smyth


John Stewart , 9 Joe Tomelty

Terry Crowe, 48 Church Street

David Fitzsimmons

Ard Cuan Home

Mr Devaney, Windmill Heights

Gerald McMullan,36 Cuan Avenue

Sean Lennon, Waterfront Appartments
Terry Crowe, 48 Church street,
Margaret McGreevy

Sadie Convery

Little Flower of the County Down

1st Place : Katy Smyth
2nd Place : Willow Edgar
3rd Place : Katie Hanna

Walking Treasure Hunt

1 : Brunel (on manhole cover)
2: DFS Alarm on Toals Bookmakers
3: 1945 on Manhole
4: Burn Brae
5: Bee On “Stay Safe” Sign
6: Brazil (On Padlock)

7: Harlequin On Oil Tank
8: Lighthouse
9: Pillars
10: Plantpot on Little Man in Garden’s Head
11: BLank Headstone at Smiths
12: Switch on Wall
13: Hands on Wall
14: Custome House
15: to Let Sign on “Palace” Building in Square

Diet Coke, A Grape and a Stone.

1st Michelle Mageean
2nd Barry McCarthy
3rd Grainne Murray

Floral Art Display

Childhood Memories Section
1st Mary Mageean
2nd Bernie Hepburn
3rd Margaret McGreevy

A Walk in the Park

1st: Shelia Lennon
2nd: Philomena Smith
3rd: Moira Gilmore

Tiny Tots

1st : Betty Young
2nd: Philomena Smith
3rd: Betty Young

Childrens Section
A Basket Arrangement
1st Beth Moore
2nd Amy Young
3rd Lucy Kernaghan

Residential Home  Winners

Kitty Geddis Barr Hall
Ray Ard Cuan

Crazy Hair Do

1st: Rory Taggart
2nd: Aaron Coffey
3rd: The Roddy Family

Bonny Babies

Category: 6-18 Months

Winner:  Niamh Boal
2nd: Cassidy Ogle
3rd: Zac Mageean
4th: Ellie Gilmore

Category – 19 Mths – 3 Yrs

1st Boy: – Emre Asku
1st Girl: – Rhew Byres

2nd Boy: – Cai-Jason Fitzsimens
2nd Girl: – Lena Mason

Cute Kiddies

1st Boy: – Tom Stevenson
1st Girl: – Seren Williams

2nd Boy: – Donal Magee
2nd Girl: – Grace Arthurs

Gala 2010 Pet Show

Category 1 – Most Unusual Pet

Winner: Joey the budgie

Category 2 – Kittens

Winner: Lou-Lou

Category 3 – Cats

Winner: Bentley
2nd: Purdy

Category 4 – Small Furry Friends

Winner: Sooty
2nd: Bradley
3rd: Rolo

Category 5 – Puppies (6-12 Mths)

Winner: Bonny
2nd: Emma
3rd: Fitz

Category 6 – Doggies (12 Mths – 8 Years)

Winner: Riise
2nd: Mojo
3rd: Susie

Category 7 – Dogs drawing a Pension (8yrs+)

Winner: Bruno
2nd: Rolo
3rd: Honey

Category 8 – Junior Handling (Handlers between 5 & 12yrs)

Winner: Fitz
2nd: Mischief
3rd: Ellie

Category 9 – Junior Handling (Handlers between 11 & 15yrs)

Winner: Holly
2nd: Riise
3rd: Red

Category 10 – Biggest Age Difference (Between Owner & Pet)

Winner: Dan
2nd: Honey
3rd: Tara

Category 11 – Doggies with the Waggiest Tail

Winner: Mojo
2nd: Toffee
3rd: Scout

Category 12 – Dog that most resembles their Owner!

Winner: Biscuit
2nd: Christie
3rd: Bruno

Category 13 – Best Rescue / Re-Homed Dog

Winner: Marley
2nd: Dan
3rd: Honey

Best in Show 2010


Runners Up  – Best in Show

2nd: Fitz
3rd: Joey

Soap Boxes

Joint 1st
Steven Ramsey : Stig does Jamaica
Catherine Dynes : RC

Most innovative judged by Rampage BMX display team :

Mark One and RC

Portaferry 10 Mile Race Results

Please click here to download the race results.

Pitchin’ The Sheaf


1st Stephen Blair
2nd Ryan Kelly
3rd Matthew McNamara

1st Debbie Swain
2nd Nikki Swain
3rd Gemma Lennon

1st John Murray
2nd Barry Savage
3rd Gerard McManus

Children’s Fancy Dress

Most Amusing Winners

4th Beauty ad the Beast

3rd Angelina and Brad

2nd Tiger Woods

1st Go Compare

Cutest in Category Little Pigs

Most Original

4th Paul the Octopus
3rd Michael Fish Weather Report

2nd Blue Avatar People

1st Volanco
Cutest in Category Cinderella Working


4th Escape from Exploris

3rd Fairy in the Garden

2nd Wizard of OZ with the real dog.

1st Fairy FM

Cutest in Category Little Miss Honey Bee