Steppin’ Down from the Gala Crown

Mary has led the Gala Team always there behind the scene,

Never the one to be standing out, She’d never moan and seldom shout

Mary knew what needed done and was always there for everyone

She never ever made a fuss and was an inspiration to the rest of us

She led the team for ten long years, she proved her worth she was so strong

The Gala she built up each year, a new show there, a new act here and with Mary leading we had nothing to fear

The Gala runs for seven days and has changed for the good in many ways.

Mary was always thinking ahead, next year could be better she often said, we’d answer ‘aye’ and shake our heads

Mary started Galaween and what an even this has been

She took it to Exploris park and turned the dark into a glow-park

She knew this was the perfect site and as usual she was right!

To see those kids was sheer delight as they

watched the fireworks light up the night

Christmas was next in her head and for this the plans she laid

The tree, the lights and Santa’s place, she’d work away at such a pace

She could have won the ten mile race.

Mary has now stepped down and given someone else the crown

The Gala will always be in your debt for you’ve been a leader we’ll never forget

We wish you all the very best as you now enjoy your well earned rest.

John Mageean,

Portaferry Gala Committee